• IT Staffing
    Our systemic, time-sensitive and value-driven consulting methodology helps to build greater collaboration among business, functional and technical teams at both ends.
  • Techbrains
    Techbrains is headquartered in Fremont, California. For the last one decade, we have helped global businesses to manage change, and remain competitive.
  • IT Consulting
    Techbrains delivers integrated, and end-to-end IT consulting services, that helps businesses to transform for better service efficiency.
  • Software Development
    Techbrains rises to the challenge of global technology change, and helps businesses to turn agile, efficient and effective. Our fully integrated and custom software development services help in efficient management of business ecosystems, and drives operational efficiency.
  • Technologies
    Techbrains deals in technologies connected to web development, apps development, automation, analytics, workflow, governance and cloud computing.

Techbrains Overview

Techbrains is an end-to-end technology services company based in Fremont, California. We help local and global businesses to leverage on innovative technologies, cost-effective consulting, and value-driven outsourcing processes. Our objective is to streamline business process, and develop greater interface between a business and its IT processes.

 Techbrains helps business to focus on their core strengths. Our primary competency is in driving better standardization of business processes across the organization, and achieving higher cost control. Our team of software architects and business consultants work as an extension to the client's staff to work on three areas of priority:

  • Defining business operations and providing for bottom-up IT infrastructure
  • Mapping the IT value chain and denoting the key IT performance measures
  • Evolving a transition roadmap by following a custom model with desired results to achieve

Techbrains creates phenomenal value for clients and business by promoting Value-based IT services and developing Utility-based solutions. Techbrains drives the notion of increased IT usage, which subsequently should result in making IT innovation an integral part of the organization's culture.