Legacy Application Migration

legacy-migrationIT services, solutions and systems are continuously evolving to offer efficient and effective business operations. Legacy IT systems and database management can stunt an organization’s growth and progress.

It is a major challenge for all business organizations to move away from legacy IT, and adopt innovative and latest IT systems. Techbrains plays a crucial role in replacing the existing legacy IT systems with upgraded and new technologies.

Our specialization in legacy modernization helps businesses across verticals to

  • Migrate from the current system to newer versions of the same platform (e.g. from ASP to .NET)
  • Replace the existing system with applicable off-the-shelf applications
  • Redevelop the systems with current and user friendly enhancements
  • Develop applications that complement the legacy system

Our IT and business consultants guide and support business to achieve complete legacy modernization. Businesses need to consider legacy modernization to,

  • Improve business processes and productivity
  • Reduce the cost of maintenance
  • Improve the system maintenance and upgrading
  • Adapt to changing business needs

Turn greatly user-friendly and do away with the need for training