Performance Engineering Solutions

Performance Engineering is a dynamic and on-going activity that helps organizations to monitor, manage and optimize their IT systems effectively.

Techbrains performance engineering specialists help businesses to realize top system performance consistently and effectively.

Our performance engineering solutions are made an integral part of the development, maintenance and production lifecycle of the client’s IT systems.

Techbrain’s focus on performance engineering following a three-pronged approach: Describe the process, people and technologies required to effectively test non-functional requirements; Ensure adherence to service levels; And, optimize application performance prior to deployment.

By adopting the best performance engineering techniques, we aim to bring the following benefits to each client’s IT systems

  • Increase business revenue by ensuring the system can process transactions within the requisite timeframe
  • Eliminate system failure requiring scrapping and writing off the system development effort due to performance objective failure
  • Eliminate late system deployment due to performance issues
  • Eliminate avoidable system rework due to performance issues
  • Eliminate avoidable system tuning efforts
  • Avoid additional and unnecessary hardware acquisition costs
  • Reduce increased software maintenance costs due to performance problems in production
  • Reduce increased software maintenance costs due to software impacted by ad hoc performance fixes

Reduce additional operational overhead for handling system issues due to performance problems