techbrains-technologies1111Technology is definitely the business enabler. To face competition, to provide better and higher quality of services and products, to provide assured results within less turnaround times, adopting the innovative and latest technologies is the only way. Along with people, and processes, each organization across verticals needs to leverage on the right technologies for high quality business performance.

However, the fast changes in the technology landscape have turned recent technologies into legacy, and forced on the users to keep-up-to-date on technology adoption. The renowned contribution of Techbrains is in enabling client’ businesses to adopt beneficial technologies, and keep pace with the fast changes in technology, to remain competitive and sustain their business precedence.

Techbrains deals in technologies connected to web development, apps development, automation, analytics, workflow, governance and cloud computing. By leveraging on successful technologies, we bring the benefits of reduced costs, better service quality, accelerated service delivery, enhanced controls and compliance and increased business value.

We understand that, technology as such may not be a complete enabler of a business. Prompt and quality customization of each technology, as per the client’s requirements needs to be done, for assured results and expected outcomes.

Techbrains technology expertise includes working on all the popular, latest and innovative technologies – Java, Dot Net, SAP (ALL Modules), Oracle, Unix, Scripting Languages (Java, VB…), Selenium, QTP, Manual Testing, Cloud computing, Salesforce, Websphere, Datawarehousing (ETL and Reporting tools), CSS, HTML, ITIL etc.