ERP Functional

The objective of ERP is to consolidate an organization’s departments and functions into a single computer system. ERP means to achieve convergence of people, hardware and software to realize efficient production, quality service and a dynamic delivery system to enhance the bottom-line of the company.

Techbrains’ portfolio of ERP application development includes all the functional modules: Project, HR, Finance, Marketing, Sales, Inventory Control, Purchases, and Production Planning. Taking the cost and time factors that significantly influence a businesses’ bottom-line, we leverage on the best ERP modules of Oracle, SAP, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards and Microsoft Dynamics.

Techbrains leverages on the benefits of each ERP functional module.

  • Production Planning: Helps to optimize the utilization of manufacturing capacity, parts, components and material resources
  • Purchasing Module: Streamlines the procurement of required raw materials, and automates the process of identifying potential suppliers, pricing patters, and billing processes
  • Inventory Control: Keeps track of stock levels and processes inventory receipts, shipments, returns and adjustments.
  • Sales: Implements functions of order placement, order scheduling, shipping and invoicing.
  • Marketing: Supports lead generation, direct mailing campaign and more.
  • Financial: Gathers financial data from various functional departments, and generates valuable financial reports such as balance sheet, general ledger, trial balance, and quarterly financial statements
  • Human Resources (HR): Streamlines the management of human resources and human capitals

Project: Provides an effective solution for project managers in construction, job service, and other professional industries