Cloud based applications

Techbrains offers the best-in-the-class and innovative Cloud based apps, proprietary as well as open source. Each cloud based apps offers the benefits of scalability, efficiency, mobile access and lower cost. We adhere to the SaaS model, accordingly the user pays for the use of the software, with no need for downloads or upgrades or maintenance of servers. Techbrains’ Cloud competency includes,

Apptus – We leverage on Apptus, the Salesforce1′ enterprise cloud platform. Apptus provides an intuitive user interface and removes application, data integration and security roadblocks helping clients to drive business growth, reduce risk and lower IT operating cost.

Zuora – We leverage on Zuora, the all-in-one cloud platform that provides for dynamic billing with 300+ orders per second, over 500 million invoices per month, and capabilities to perform billing functions at the high volume enterprise customers.